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Janine Budding

The Engagement Era and inclusiveness is new to some, but not to me". I am a co-creative and passionate about healthcare and my clients. Believing that collaboration is the best way to succeed. Inspirator, advisor for medical, medtech, animal health and pharmaceutical companies to help to set your Communications, Social Media Channels and moderate them. Also available to set op patient relations and patient engagement projects Managing Director of MedicalFacts and MedEasy and Dutch medical journalist and publisher SoMe specialist health care marketeer with patient perspective. Active promotor and ambassador for health 2.0 ,eHealth and patient participation since 2005. Patient participation in health care leads to lower spending on health care due to fewer specialty care referrals. Health care in cocreation with the patient will lead to cheaper and better health care through better communication between health care workers and the patient, patient will receive fewer diagnostic tests and referrals, and yield lower expenses for diagnostic testing. A contributing factor to lower costs is increased patient participation during the visit, which reduces patients’ anxiety and perceived need for further investigations and referrals. In a enviorment of more effective patient-physician communication, physician gets more knowledge about the patient and their hughe knowlegde on their disease. "Health care communication and marketing is chaning to an Engagement Era. I understand this new era because engaging people in conversations that matter to them is what I’ve always done. Today requires storytelling with compassion for patients, being relevant, personal and genuine. It means understanding the new power that trusted patients advocates wield. Janine is active member of NVEH, focus on business modeling, raising awareness, and Patient Self management and Health 2.0. since 2006. Specialties: Liveblogging, Social Media for Healthcare, healthcare blogger, online strategies healthcare, patient advocacy, pinksocks

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