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Ward Cottaar

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Prof.dr.ir. Ward Cottaar is professor Design and Technology of Instrumentation at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His goal is to bring good engineering practices in the design of instrumentation to industry and health care: engineers should design what end users, e.g. doctors and nurses, need in very close cooperation with them. This is often quite a challenge for both the engineers and the doctors. Before coming to the university Ward Cottaar had a 26 year (international) career in industry, both in the Lighting and Medical area. He was responsible for the development of some major technologies for energy saving lamps at Philips Lighting. Presently Ward Cottaar is involved in many projects in healthcare institutions all over the Netherlands. These institutions range from the largest university hospitals to small scale, regional hospitals. All the projects deal with (information) technology and are geared to introducing such technology in a safe and efficient way. Really helping doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to better serve their patients.