Masterclass Healthcare Informatics


Masterclass Healthcare Informatics

For Senior Managers and Professionals in Healthcare, An EIT Health Masterclass, May 29-31, 2017, Valencia, Spain

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29 31 mei

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09:24 09:24

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Valencia, Spain

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Through the use of Electronic Patient Records, eHealth and information exchange informatics plays an ever increasing and innovating role in the daily practice of Healthcare.  The exponential growth of (bio)medical data creates new opportunities, but also poses challenges to healthcare managers and professionals.


This masterclass will enable you to identify the opportunities and the challenges and it will provide you with many insights to evaluate these from different perspectives. It will help you with asking the right questions to make well-founded decisions to maximize the value of information systems in your organisation. Furthermore we will offer you insights in the key steps for implementing new information systems.





In a number of modules frameworks will be introduced to handle different aspects of healthcare informatics projects. The main areas are:

•         Digital technologies in healthcare organizations.

•         Data governance in healthcare: managers’ responsibilities.

•         Implementation of information systems.

•         Data re-use and data quality.

The class will be interactive. There will be the possibility to bring your own cases and work on them with instructors and peers. This will happen in an international setting.


Target group

The class is designed for healthcare managers and decision makers in cure and care institutions. Others for whom the course is interesting are Chief Medical Information Officers, Chief Nursing Information Officers, members of steering groups of major IT projects (e.g. electronic patient records, medication systems) and senior quality advisors.

The class is taught in English.



Registration costs are 2100 €, which includes the tuition fee, catering and materials.
Accommodation and travel expenses are not included.
The masterclass is limited to a maximum of 15 participants.
You can register by sending an e-mail to smpee.qmi@tue.nl. Please include, your name, a resume of one page, a description of your present job (about 150 words), and the billing address.
Upon cancellation costs will be reimbursed for 100% up to 4 weeks before the class, and 50% up to 2 weeks before the class (a replacement suitable for the target group is allowed).


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